Friday, December 31, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Photos

Today I am just going to share some of my favorite Christmas photos with you. As you may have already heard, my wonderful husband got me a new camera for Christmas. I had previously had an SLR but it broke and we could not afford to replace it with another SLR. At first I was hesitant about a point and shoot, but I am very happy with my Cannon Powershot and the quality of pictures I am getting.

 Isabella got her American Girl doll, Kirsten that she has been wanting for some time!

 My husband's face is priceless! You can't fake that kind of surprise!

 Alex looking at the ornaments on the tree at his grandma's house.

 Alex getting ready to open presents at his grandma's.

 My sister Megan, and my niece, Aubrey. Aubrey really loved that Chicken dance Elmo!

 Aubrey also really loved that sucker!

 She was a mess!

 Their aunt and uncle got one for each of the kids.

 Bella also got a camera for Christmas. Going to be just like her mother?

 Alex finally had had enough.

 Isabella got an iceskating outfit for her American Girl doll. This outfit is gorgeous. I looked everywhere and this was the prettiest (and best valued) one out there, and I was not dissapointed when I got it!