Little House in the Big Woods Curriculum

Little House In The Big Woods - Chapter 1

The New Year brings a lot of exciting opportunities around here. I love to spend my Christmas break pouring over websites and books trying to get new ideas for the upcoming semester. Last semester we did a Unit Study on Alice in Wonderland, the semester before we did The Swiss Family Robinson. This semester I have decided to do a Unit Study on The Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Rather than buy something I am reading through the book and putting together my own ideas as they come to me, and then I am sharing with you. This should be fun, but bear with me! (Please!) My children are 8 and 3. The majority of this curriculum is stuff I found that I will be trying to adjust to use with my 8 year old, and a few things I throw in for fun with my 3 year old.

Chapter 1

Language Arts

Chapter 1 Spelling/ Vocabulary/ Review Questions

Word Search Easy Fun School


Study Wolves

Study on Yellowstone Wolves (older grades like middle school): Science Net Links

Although this is middle school level I made a few adjustments and actually did this project with Isabella. It was her first time doing this much research, especially with the purpose of forming her own opinion and writing a report based on the research. Here is her paper if you would like to see it: Bella's paper on Wolves

Wolves lap book (elementary grades): Homeschool Share Gray Wolf Lapbook

Wolf mask (preschool): big bad wolf mask

White Fang by Jack London is available as a free e-book.

How is meat preserved?

The Science of Sausage Curing - middle school level

How Stuff Works Video on Food Preservation - elementary/ middle grades

Food Presercation: turkey jerkey recipe
More jerkey recipes
Homemade Fruit Roll Ups Recipe

What is head cheese?

Video on how head cheese is made

Study Bears:

Bear lapbook - Upper elementary/ Middle

Grizzly Bear Coloring page - elementary

Bears Quiz - elementary

The food chain - upper elementary

How to write an animal report - upper elementary


The history of the "pig skin"

How footballs are made

Video of a Wilson football assembly line.


Make a paper log cabin

Make a corn cob doll

Chapter 2

I don't have the pictures that go with everything yet because we are running behind thanks to the lovely snow days we have had all week. (It is hard to keep them in when their friends are knocking on the door). At any rate, this chapter is a short one so we will be caught up in no time, I will add the pictures as we do them, and I have full confidence I will be on schedule for next week. I am so thankful that one's voice can't waiver while you type. Here we go! 

Language Arts

Word Search Easy Fun School


Study wildcats

I found a new report form for animal reports that I really liked at for free and you can get it here:

I have had Bella writing reports on the animals that we do not have lapbooks for. She is still just a beginner as I have never had her do reports until last week, but we are making progress! 
Study Deer

I also found a free deer mini-helper from 

Research animal trapping Animal trapping on wikipedia
(you may want to view any material on animal trapping before allowing your children to view it. I chose this article because it was the least controversial one I saw)


"Churn" Butter -  How To Make Butter at Home

Here is a worksheet to fill out about your experience afterwards: Butter Churning Worksheet

Research - Find out how old Laura and Mary were when this book took place Little House in The Big Woods Info

Draw a picture of Jack Frost

Look at pictures of  Kerosene Lamps

Character Building:

In this chapter the family works hard together to get things done. Even the very young members of the family help out around the house and with chores! When they are finished, the family spends lots of quality time together because they enjoy each other's company. What are some ways that you can be helpful around your house? What are some things that you would enjoy doing with your family for fun?

Chapter 3
Language Arts:















What special gift does Laura’s sister get for Christmas?

What does Ma get from Pa?

What do the other children get?

What form of transportation does the family use during the winter?

What did they put by their feet to keep them warm on the journey home?

How is the way this family celebrated Christmas the same as the way your family does?

How is it different?



A Chipmunk's Inside Outside World

Physical Education:

Make pictures (snow angels) in the snow!

Home Ec:

Try your hand at a woodworking project? They have kits at wal-mart and craft stores. It might be fun to make your own wood gifts like Pa did!


Chapter 6

Language Arts:




What sort of things do you hope for when your parents make a trip to the store?

What sort of things might you hope for if you had lived in the same time as Laura?

Do you think the girls were frightened waiting for their father to come home? Why or why not?

Father and mother each had funny stories about trying to fight a bear. Who do you think was braver? Why?


River Otter Print Out

Rabbit Lapbook


Make tin can lanterns:

1. Fill an old can (family size soup cans work best) with water and put it in the freezer.

2. Have your child draw a simplistic drawing of something they would like to have on their lantern. You really only want a silhouette so that it will be recognizable once you make the design.

3. Use a rubber band to hold the paper with the drawing on it onto the tin can.

4. Take a hammer and nail and make holes at regular intervals all around the outline of your drawing so that you end up with wholes in the shape of your drawing when the paper is removed.

5. Run hot water over the can to remove the ice, dry the can.

6. Paint the can with acrylic paints.

7. Put a candle inside and enjoy!!!!

Chapter 7

Language Arts






1. Why did you first think that Pa called the snow a sugar snow?

2. Grandpa go maple syrup from the trees, can you think of something else we get from trees?

3. Why do you think ma never wore her delaine dress?

4. Could you imagine going from store bough dresses and living in town to living in the big woods?


Imagine how ma and pa must have met. Write the story.


Locate Wisconsin on a map.


Sugaring Season: Making Maple Sugar

Squirrels (My Big Backyard)

Squirrel Printout

Home Ec:

Home made maple candy