Saturday, March 5, 2011

A new Unit Study! I need Your Help to Decide What it Will Be!

I just got my homework assignment in from my children's literature class and I get to work on another Unit Study, and do it for a grade! Yippee!

No, I haven't forgotten about my Little House in the Big Woods study, and I plan on resuming work (and posting) on it this week. We had been doing modified (and greatly reduced) school work due to my surgery and then illness.

I normally work on my own curriculum (my unit study, science, living math, and activities to go with expedition earth geography) and then I fit in textbooks and worksheets in between to fill in time and to make sure there aren't any gaps in learning. However, with all of the changes we have been going through I have just been having Isabella work solely from books and worksheets.

The upcoming unit study will be a nice kick-off to getting us back on track for our last quarter, and it will be fun for me to do something new and challenging. I know that Isabella and Alex are ready for me to go back to being the "fun exciting" homeschool mom that I normally am instead of a boring person who hands out "paperwork" for them to do.

So, now the dilemma is what to do my unit study on? Some suggestions were whales, clouds, weather, trains.

I had thought about doing rainbows or something of the sort because spring is coming and I want to do something spring-y. Do you have any suggestions for a theme I can pick that relates to spring and that I will be able to find books and come up with lots of ideas for different curriculum areas? If so, please comment!