Saturday, January 22, 2011

Busy and Beautiful Art

This week we have had a lot of fun in art! We have had a lot of snow, which has led to a lot of cancelled activities and dissapointment. To counteract this, I have tried to plan lots of crafts and fun to keep the children entertained.

First, we have this cute snowman activity that I printed for Alex from Erica at 

Next, we made some wonderful Disney princes hair clips. I posted the link to these wonderful printables earlier this week but I will share them again. I am super proud of these. Isabella took them to co-op yesterday and all of her friends adored them! They are perfect for the princess in your home! What we did  instead of what the instructions say, was to hot glue the flowers on to metal clips.

Disney Fairy Flowers

The last thing we made for art this week was a rocket ship sticky mosaic. I was originally worried that this might be a little hard for Alex to do on his own, but he didn't need any help from me at all! What a great way to keep him busy while I got some stuff done for once! Money well spent, in my opinion!