Thursday, January 20, 2011

Science, Week 3 - Oceans and Whales

Here is our third week of studying the Ocean and Whales. We are still using the same books, and I am really enjoying them. I am very impressed with the Make it Work! book especially, because it adds a lot of experiments to our lessons and makes it more interesting for Isabella. We also did a gummi bear experiment on osmosis for fun this week.

Pages 19 - 21
Blue Whale Info/Coloring Sheet
Label the Parts of the Baleen Whale
All About Whales

Pages 22-27
Whale Anatomy

Pages 28-30
Porpoise Info/Coloring Sheet
Whale Senses

A list of  Whale Activities

We also read pages 10-19 of the book Make it Work by Andrew Haslam and Barbara Taylor and did the corresponding experiments.

This week we made a hydrometer:

We learned about water pressure by trying to blow up a balloon under water:

We learned about how only the tips of icebergs are above water:

We also learned about osmosis. We put one gummi bear in tap water and one in salt water and waited to see what happened! The link to this experiment and other gummi bear experiments can be found here .

 That is all for our week of science. I hope you have had a great week with your kids! I start college this week so it is getting crazy around here, but I hope to keep up with everything. Feel free to help me out by sharing any cool ideas you have found!