Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review of a New Favorite Game - Kinder Bunnies

Lately my little ones have a new favorite game. Usually we have to play it every night after we get our pajamas on to help bribe, erhm, motivate, us to go to bed afterwards. My entire family loves this game. Our 8 year old plays the older version, Killer Bunnies with us, but it is too hard for our 3 year old.

Kinder Bunnies is actually easy enough that my 3 year old could play without help after only about 3 games. We like to have him add up the cards at the end to see who has won so that it is educational for him, as well!

Alex loves KinderBunnies!

Here is a picture of him throwing a weapons card on his daddy! The weapons cards are all things like matches, balls on stairs, electrical outlets, so we have used them to teach about what things around the house are dangerous! Alex always yells "you shouldn't touch a hot pan, bunnies!" When he throws a card. He walks around the table like he is playing "duck, duck, goose" to decide who he will put it on instead of just throwing it across the table.

Bella really concentrating on her next move...

Alex rolling the dice to see if his bunny survived an attack! He always shakes the dice in his hand even though they can't move in his tiny fist!

 Alex has chosen who he will put his weapon on! Watch out!