Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine's Day!!!

Between a sale on Tim Holtz dies and texture folders at the Scrapbook Page, and a DVR full of about 3 weeks of shows I had yet to watch, I decided to have a craft night. The result? Awesome Valentine's for my friends and family...
Heart paper from Target - 8 pages/ $1 in the dollar section up front. The glasses sticker came from a Tunes & Seasons 12X12 sheet of stickers at The Scrapbook Page.
Heart paper from Target - 8 pages/ $1 in the dollar section up front. The typewriter sticker came from a Tunes & Seasons 12X12 sheet of stickers at The Scrapbook Page.
The gears texture folder and the dressform and thread spool die cuts are all from the Tim Holtz collection. They are currently buy one get one 1/2 off at the Scrapbook Page in Shawnee Mission. I used a sander to make the white part show through on the gears.
The gears texture folder and clock texture folder were actually in the same package. The clock die cut and bird with cage die cut are also part of the Tim Holtz line. I actually just bought that clock die cut this week because I wanted it to go with my clock textures. This is the heart paper from Target flipped backwards, this picture doesn't show it very well but I sanded the textures so that the red of the heart paper would show through.
This puzzle die cut is actually one of the first die cuts I ever bought for my sizzix! I got it at Jo Anns the week that I got my Sizzix, and I love it. It looks super cute on paper, like in this example, or to cut pictures!
Another type of eyeglasses from the Tunes & Seasons stickers on heart paper. (It has mustache stickers on that sheet, also!)
This sticker comes from a paper packet called "All About Boys." In edition to paper it has one 12X12 sheet of cardboard punch outs and one 12X12 sheet of stickers. You can find this packet at most craft stores, I got mine at Target. This one will be Alex's card, in case you couldn't tell.
This is Isabella's card. The Hello Kitty sticker actually comes from a Christmas Hello Kitty sticker set that Target had in their $1 section at Christmas time. Target has started having a lot of paper, ribbons, and stickers in their dollar section when you first walk into the store, so it is a great place to find scrapbooking supplies if you don't have a lot of money. Also, keep in mind that all stores - Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Michaels, Archiver's, and the Scrapbook Page (which has the selection of Archiver's but is privately owned so is cheaper and has a train table for the kids!) almost always have coupons. I never, ever buy scrapbooking stuff unless it is on sale, super cheap off of Amazon, or I am using a 40% off or higher coupon. Otherwise, it is just ridiculous. Last week Hobby Lobby had a bunch of their scrapbooking paper for only $.17 a piece, so I bought a ton then. Otherwise, it can get horribly expensive, and quickly! Here are the dies I currently own. Trust me, there are way more on my Amazon wishlist! I have one whole wish list just for Sizzix dies *sigh* A girl can dream of cutting up paper, can't she?