Friday, March 4, 2011

 It's warm outside! Finally, we are getting 60 degree weather and that means parks, picnics, and more!

 We are so excited around here. I can't stand winter. If it were up to me we would probably move somewhere warmer. Until then, we must make do with vacations and fantasies. 

I always try to re-vamp my physical education program in the spring, now that it is warm enough to get outside.
Some things that we are considering: A homeschool PE program at a local community center, swimming lessons, ice skating lessons, PE cards from confessions of a homeschooler.

Some fun things we have found to do inside are nickelodeon fit, and just dance. We actually got a Gamefly membership so that we can get the different Wii games and then switch them out when we get bored. It has been a lot of fun!