Friday, January 27, 2012

How I Saved A Fortune at Target!

First of all, I would like to start off this post by apologizing to the people who were stuck behind me in line at Target. That had to suck. I had no idea that they would have so much trouble scanning all of those coupons one at a time. Also, I didn't know that they would only have one cashier on duty or that she would have to manually enter the coupons that wouldn't work. But I have a right to savings, and so do you. If you had a bunch of coupons, I would understand. You would just rather spend that money on makeup, just like me, right? Right. So, see that picture up there? That is my lovely Target haul. Before coupons it rang up at $90.67. The shirts I didn't have coupons for, but I put them up there because they were a steal, on clearance for only $2 a piece. After my coupons My total was down to only $69.62!! Then you add the redcard giving you 5% off and the total goes down to $66.14. We are talking $24.53 in savings! I am one happy little coupon girl! My favorite thing is that if you have a Target coupon you can stack it with a manufacturers coupon for double savings. I got so many awesome things! Feel free to wonder at my shopping savvy now.... And since my taste in makeup is unfortunately much more high-end then my taste in everything else, here is what I will be buying with all of the money I saved... That is right. One eyeliner. It is an awesome eyeliner though! Now you know why I need to use coupons so badly. If you have a similar makeup problem, try subscribing to some of the awesome blogs where I find my deals. My favorites are: Living Rich With Coupons and .Penny Pinchin Mom I follow them on Facebook so I can stay current on all of the savings around town!