Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Monday, the Entertaining the masses edition

We have lots of people coming over at different times this week and lots of plans to entertain and enjoy our friends company, hence the title of today's blog. I am excited, but the idea of feeding so many people (and keeping my house clean, makeup on, and not wearing pajamas around the house) for days on end exhausts me to be quite honest! But enough about me, lets see what I am going to feed these people!


Breakfast: Bagel and cream cheese

Snack: inordinate amounts of coffee and chocolate chip cookies with my friend Sarah. It was shameful, I swear.

Lunch/Dinner (Is that Linner?): I looked up at 3 and realized I had never fed the kids lunch. To be honest we never got hungry because of all the cookies, and we were on our way out the door to get Alex a hair cut so we all went to Planet Sub, where kids eat free on Mondays. Yum.


Breakfast: Special K cereal (lets make up for yesterday, eh?)

Snack: applesauce

Lunch: baked potato

Dinner:  Indian Butter Chicken
(Let's forget all about making up for yesterday! We are having company over to play Killer Bunnies! See also: Best game ever!)


Breakfast: Fiber one Apple muffin

Snack: oranges

Lunch: Chicken Adobo and white rice

Dinner: Swedish Meatballs      and homemade noodles


Breakfast: Bagel and cream cheese

Snack: crackers and cheese

lunch: peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Dinner: Tortellini Soup


Breakfast: Fiber One apple muffin

Snack: crackers and cheese

Lunch: yogurt and granola bar

Dinner: Lasagna


Breakfast: cereal

Snack: granola bar

lunch: turkey sandwich

Dinner: Spicy Black Bean Soup and tortilla chips


Breakfast: bagel and cream cheese

Snack: yogurt

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: Thai Chicken and white rice