Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I Did With My Spare Time Today

So, I injured myself so bad in that body shaper class that I can hardly walk. I am currently unable to go to the gym, lift Alex, or even have him sit in my lap without wincing in pain. Now that you are done smugly giggling at my pain. Lets talk about what I CAN do. I CAN use that time to be two days ahead of my homework schedule, have finished reading all of my library books, caught up on all of my tv shows, and now today I finished Bella's quilt top. It kind of looks like it was made just in time for Valentine's day.

 Isn't it a beauty? It is twin sized. She wants her blanket weighted like Alex's so I will have to go buy more beads before I can quilt this one. If anyone has suggestions on cheap places to get those beads, please fill me in! I have done okay so far thanks to coupons, but it isn't a cheap habit. I eventually want to start making weighted blankets and donating them to centers, schools, counselors, or families who might not get them otherwise. They are expensive and not everyone has the skills, tools, or time to make them for themselves. I think that is what I want to spend my time doing this summer. I already have one family at least I have promised to make a blanket for.

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