Sunday, June 24, 2012

Preschool Graduation!

There is my little man, almost 5 years old! It is amazing how much he has grown up and how quickly. I got to attend his preschool graduation and I was surprised that it didn't make me sad. I am happy that my children are getting older. I am ready to move forward to new and exciting stages. I love that we can go to movies, do crafts, play games together, and occasionally my husband and I get to sneak off for a night alone together! That being said, I still cherish all of those little moments that are slipping away and might be gone forever before I know it: the early morning cuddles, the arguments over who gets to sit by mommy at the dinner table, and the insistance to sit in such a position in the car so that he can "see my pretty face." These instances happen less and less and one day they will be gone. So that is why a day of sitting around watching him dance to silly songs with his classmates (he spent most of the song yelling 'my partner isn't here today!") is so special. 

Alex dancing, once the teacher offered to be his partner.

Alex receiving his diploma.