Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Light At the End of the Tunnel

In case you haven't noticed from my absence, it has been a long, dark, journey folks. I had this same surgery on my other foot a year ago so I felt I knew what to expect. I lay around for a couple of weeks playing video games, people bring me food, then life slowly goes back to normal.

If only it were that easy. I have fallen twice, bruising the foot, which slowed my progress off of crutches a little bit. I am such an over-achiever that instead of just accepting this fact I tried to push myself harder and walk with one crutch at school (possibly up and down stairs even). It ended with tears and pain pills and my husband having to support my weight to get me into the car. I am sure he loves being married to a stubborn woman.

As if all of that weren't interesting enough both kids and I had strep a little over a week ago, then this week I got a killer sinus infection that settled into my lungs. Do you know what being a walking festering infection of a home means? It means that no one can get close enough to clean or bring us food like they had originally planned for fear of catching whatever it is we have got going on over here (and it isn't pretty). 

I have still had to make it to my college classes and try to do school with my kids, but the last few days I can barely move at all. A bit -o- blizzard post-poned a test I was supposed to take on Thursday and I was so glad because I honestly thought I had pneumonia and was so surprised when they didn't hospitalize me. The thought of going to class and taking a test (and trying to stay awake, not cry, and keep from coughing up anything weird on anyone) seemed like a lot to ask from a girl. 

Today I woke up and felt borderline normal. By normal I mean, I feel how I would normally feel if I were to say "eww, I feel a little under the weather" instead of feeling like one foot is in the grave like I have been feeling. Marked improvement! My father-in-law is coming to get my kids and I plan to spend the day alternating between more recuperative sleep (in hopes of waking up completely normal tomorrow) and homework that has been ignored all week in favor of sleep. 

The bright side is, all of this illness kept me from walking, so my foot finally got the extra rest it needed and I can now get around with 1 crutch and the walking boot or no crutch for very limited times. Also, I was so sick I haven't eaten in days so I have visions of being 20 pounds thinner (reality: divide by 10). I am sure swimsuit season is going to do me well if I keep getting sick like this. 

Now that I can walk, I can go back to taking pictures of things, observing them, getting to the laptop and blogging! I am excited. I have hated neglecting my blog. I like to do things every day the same way. I am a creature of habit. I tried to pick the blog back up a couple of times but it was really hard to do because I couldn't do all the things with Bella's school that I wanted while on crutches or get pictures. Not much to write about when I am just looking at the same four couch cushions. Thankfully things will be back to normal soon.

I finally see the light at the end of this tunnel!!!