Saturday, January 15, 2011

Art - Paper Crafts

This week for art we made paper crafts. Isabella found a kit for winter crafts that was half off at Barnes & Noble this week and she just had to have it. Since we were going to be doing a snow unit this week and an Antarctica unit next week I decided to give in.

To me the fun thing about this is that the box is really sturdy and when she is done doing all of the crafts I will also be able to use the box to store and organize school supplies on my shelves!  There are 12 crafts in the box, and they take a lot longer than we thought because this was actually not made for kids necessarily. So far Bella has only made a couple:

The birdhouse is just one craft, but I am showing you the front and the back. The snowflake is actually only half done, she didn't have time to finish it yesterday. 

So, are you interested in making some paper crafts? If so, I found a couple of cool links for some cool crafts for free that you can just print on cardstock at home for your kids! 

There are a TON of things here to get you started, and at every different skill level. Have fun exploring!