Saturday, June 23, 2012

Isabella's Bedroom Makeover

In May we had a pretty big event in my house. It was my little girl's 10th birthday. This event was met with both joy and a bit of sadness on my part. My first baby is growing up! I decided that I wanted to do something very special to mark the occasion. My daughter always has these grandeose ideas of what she is going to buy when she saves up enough money. One of her recent plans was to save up for an entire bedroom makeover. I knew that this would take her much longer than she could ever begin to comprehend, but her desire set the wheels in motion for a plan of my own. Why not give her a bedroom makeover for her birthday present? It would be big, surprising, and convey the sense of growing up and excitement that turning 10 really deserved. So I got to work. I spent 6 months bargain shopping, saving all of our extra money for supplies, and creating side projects after my daughter went to bed. In the end, I think it was worth it. 

Bella's bedroom, before.

The area above Bella's Dresser
Just look at the shock on her face!

I switched out her bedroom while she was at school and she was having a sleepover that night, she was so surprised! 

I made the short curtain to match, and got the bedding and long curtain off of Amazon. The wall art I made using shoe box lids and scrapbook paper. 

Bella's new bedroom!!! Hot pink zebra themed!

I got the rug from and her grandmother bought her the lamp.

I bought the message board and the princess purse hanger at Hobby Lobby using half off coupons.
The lantern lamp I made out of a paper lantern and cupcake liners.

I painted a canvas and then used a sizzix to cut out embossed butterflies from paper that matched her bedroom theme for more wall art. 

Here is a close up of the wall art I made above her bed

Here is a close up of the butterfly wall art. The lighting was a little off and this is before I got my new camera so I was actually having to take pictures with my Ipad. It looks much better than this color-wise. 

The final touches were some zebra paper lanterns from Hobby Lobby that I also used as party decor that evening and a zebra photo frame. All and all I am very proud of what I did with that room considering I only spent around $150

In keeping with the theme, her party was zebra print, as well:

Zebra cupcake boxes for each girl to take home a cupcake, zebra chinese containers for gift boxes, and zebra baloons adorned the take home table. There were crafts like bottle cap bracelets, chalk doilies, homemade bouncy balls, and we made hair barrets with zebra print flowers on them. We played truth or dare, apples to apples, and put on face paint. 

The table looked fabulous and my friend Suzy was kind enough to make strawberry flavored zebra cupcakes that matched the party and one for each girl to take home. She also put those little pink bows on each cupcake box. You know that had to take time!!

Some of the gifts were even zebra print!!

Here is another close up where you can see the crafts better, there are the flowers we turned into hair accessories and the ribbons for the bracelets. You can see zebra pencils sticking out of the goodie boxes. There were also hair extensions, temporary tattoos, jewelry, and polka dot rubber duckies in each box. It was probably the most successful party that we have had so far!

Here is a picture of Bella with buttons on her eyes pretending to be Coraline and wearing a zebra print outfit she got at her party! What a great day! It was totally befitting a girl turning 10. I can't wait to see what I come up with when she turns 16! (My husband had better start working overtime now!) 

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  1. what a wonderful creative idea... she's so lucky to have a mom like you ..