Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little House In The Big Woods - Chapter 1 Curriculum

Chapter 1

Language Arts

Chapter 1 Spelling/ Vocabulary/ Review Questions

Word Search Easy Fun School


Study Wolves

Study on Yellowstone Wolves (older grades like middle school): Science Net Links

Although this is middle school level I made a few adjustments and actually did this project with Isabella. It was her first time doing this much research, especially with the purpose of forming her own opinion and writing a report based on the research. Here is her paper if you would like to see it: Bella's paper on Wolves

Wolves lap book (elementary grades): Homeschool Share Gray Wolf Lapbook

Wolf mask (preschool): big bad wolf mask

White Fang by Jack London is available as a free e-book.

How is meat preserved?

The Science of Sausage Curing - middle school level

How Stuff Works Video on Food Preservation - elementary/ middle grades

Food Presercation: turkey jerkey recipe
More jerkey recipes
Homemade Fruit Roll Ups Recipe

What is head cheese?

Video on how head cheese is made

Study Bears:

Bear lapbook - Upper elementary/ Middle

Grizzly Bear Coloring page - elementary

Bears Quiz - elementary

The food chain - upper elementary

How to write an animal report - upper elementary


The history of the "pig skin"

How footballs are made

Video of a Wilson football assembly line.


Make a paper log cabin

Make a corn cob doll

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