Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Monday, the Snowed in Edition

Yesterday, having learned that we were expecting 5 inches of snow and realizing that I had nothing in my house but peanut butter, cereal, and half a gallon of milk, I hit the stores. It was crowded, it was frustrating, it took 4 hours, but I now have one well stocked pantry and fridge. Can't leave the house for two weeks? No problem! We are prepared! (I bet we use it all quicker than I will ever imagine). The downside it the library is closed on Sunday and I didn't go on Saturday so now I am worried about running out of books! (A real problem in my house) Oh well, here is what that trip to the store procured for us to eat this week: (All of these recipes come from or Sparkpeople is a wonderful weight loss website, and allrecipes is just a wonderful resource for recipes in general!)


Breakfast: Fiber One apple muffins

Lunch: Salisbury Steak, peas

Snack: yogurt

Dinner: Sesame Chicken
           Crab Rangoon  - I deep fry mine though, I do not bake them


Breakfast: bagel and banana

Lunch: leftovers

Snack: cheese and wheatables nut crisp crackers

Dinner: Dinner at a friend's house!


Breakfast: cereal and apple sauce

Lunch: Turkey sandwiches

Snack: granola bar

Dinner: Ranch Cheddar Turkey Burgers
           Roasted potatoes


Breakfast: Oatmeal, banana

Lunch: Party Pizza

Snack: yogurt

Dinner: Tuna Casserole


Breakfast: Fiber One apple muffin

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich

Snack: granola bar

Dinner: Salmon that I bake in the oven, using this maranade: Grilled Salmon
           Baked potatoes


Breakfast: cereal and a banana

Lunch: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Snack: crackers and cheese

Dinner: Spicy Black Bean Soup


Breakfast: bagel and applesauce

Lunch: leftovers

Snack: yogurt

Dinner: Enchiladas I use corn tortillas instead of flour, add onions, green onions, and a little more seasoning.

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