Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's a Day late, but it is Art!

This week Isabella made a Cereal Box Collage:

Isn't it gorgeous? It is really easy and fun to make, but it takes a bit of time!

Here is how to make one:


glue stick
cereal box

1. Cut a square out of the cereal box, leaving a frame for your picture.

2. Draw a picture inside of your box. It is better to draw a large picture with less detail. Isabella chose a flower.

3. Chose your colors for each part of your picture, including the background and the frame, and begin cutting pictures of these colors out of magazines.

4. Glue down the pictures inside of the areas you have drawn, overlap and fill it in until you have made a collage, but be sure that some of the pictures still show through as recognizable pictures (not just colors). That is part of the fun!

5. Tah Dah! Isn't it gorgeous? Enjoy! 

Also, Alex had his own little art project this week since this activity was too complicated for him. He did do some random cutting and gluing from magazines, but when he got bored of that I got out a stamp pad and roller he had gotten for Christmas. He really enjoyed it! I would recommend this product for any little busy person! 

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  1. Great art project!
    Janet W