Sunday, November 28, 2010

Busy Little Sewing Bee

<p style="text-align:left;">Yesterday I was so productive, I feel that I deserve a medal. I am really trying to streamline my "to-do" list and add a few more thing that I actually enjoy "to-doing" onto it, and yesterday I finally got that done!</p>
Every since we saw the latest Alice in Wonderland for my birthday last year I have been in love with the Red "Um" dress that Alice wears in that movie. I told everyone "That is the next dress I will make myself!" Flash forward 7 months and I wasn't lying because I haven't made myself a thing in all of this time. Well yesterday I decided to finally get this dress started so I can wear it to a Halloween party I am going to.

I don't have the luxury of just losing myself in a project like I used to so I had to make a list of things to accomplish each day, not just for my project, but for the other things I have going on to.

So here is how yesterdays list read:

go to church

go to Jo Anns and buy ribbon/tulle

read 10 pages of Art History book, chapter 10

Finish section 2.3 of my math book

finish folding/putting away laundry

finish the curtains I started for baby Aubrey

cut out pattern pieces for red dress

pin the ribbons to the boddess

How it went:

Well, I got all of my tasks done pretty much! I didn't quite finish Aubrey's curtain because I ran out of hook-and-loop tape 2/3s of the way through, and that made me mad, but I am so close because I just have to add that last little section and then pull the cord through the curtain because it is a balloon style curtain. Here is a picture:

I really wanted to finish that curtain before I started my own project because otherwise I might never get it done and Aubrey will be moving into her own room in just a few short weeks because she is getting too big for her bassinet! I want it all ready for her.

Here is a sketch I made up of what I think my dress will look like based on the fabrics I bought.  (A very rough sketch, I have never tried to sketch a dress before)

The next step was to cut out all of the pieces from my main fabric, which will be the red fabric:

And my last step for yesterday was to pin down the ribbons to my boddess which I will be having to sew on by hand!

Sooooooooo, I accomplished a lot yesterday, and I actually got all of this done before midnight. I would have made it to bed at a reasonable time if curiosity hadn't gotten the best of me and led to me watching the show "Sister Wives" until 1:30 in the morning (All Megan's fault). At any rate, go me!

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