Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Countdown to Christmas...18 Days/ What Momma Wants for Christmas

We are now two days behind on our Advent activities due to horrible illness running rampant through our home. If I ever feel well again, I will be surprised. I have the worlds worse sinus infection which is triggering my migraines. Also, my 3 year old has another ear infection and a virus that led to him projectile vomiting all over the house yesterday. I finally made him carry a bucket with him everywhere he went!

But enough about us, how have you been? I did get an awesome $15 off certificate to Sephora last week at which point I promptly bought my best friends birthday present and a little something for myself....and spent way more than $15, obviously. I was so excited about my purchases but I had to wait until after her birthday to tell you so she would have already seen it, and then I was too sick to post last night....

What I bought:                                         This Urban Decay Vegan Palette box really caught my fancy, especially for a gift. 
The vegan palette has more muted tones that would suite any taste. Also it includes both their eye pencil, as well as the shadow primer.     In my personal opinion I could take or leave urban decay eye shadow, it is nice but there is a brand on Amazon called shany that is cheaper, and in my opinion, brighter, longer lasting, better.

 However: I cannot cannot cannot get enough of their shadow primer or their eyeliners. They prevent smudging, they last all day, I have not found a better product. It might be something to ask for santa to put in your stocking this year!

The other thing I bought while there was a new eyeliner for myself. It was an impulse buy at the checkout stand, as I am a makeup junkie.  I bought the Tarina Tarantino Smudge Eyeliner in Aurum (See also: gold)

I really liked the look of this makeup going on. It didn't last as long as I would have liked, but that could be because I have had a sinus infection and have been constantly rubbing my eyes when they water. I mostly wanted to try this product because if you see any of the Tarina Tarantino ads they show a girl in a hot pink bob wig and I think it is stunning. 

The gold did nice work on softening up  and lightening the overall area around my eyes. One day I wore it with olive green eyeshadow, a thin black line at the lash line, and black mascara. Another day I wore it with pink eyeshadow, a deeper gold for the crease of my eyes, and a thin plum line at the lash line, with black mascara. These photos show the olive green day.  You will also see Too Faced Lash Injection mascara in my bottom photo: GET IT! It is wonderful! Someone got me a sample size in a gift exchange a couple of weeks ago. They got me that, a bare minerals foundation, and a few other things. I will be crying when I run out. Or running to the store.  Merry Christmas!

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