Friday, January 21, 2011

Geography, Week 2 - Paper Globes and Penguins

This week for geography we started by finishing up our work on the globe. We had already made the paper mache earth, but I was also doing these lessons with a class at co-op and I needed something a little less messy. I originally thought I would just do the clay earths, but the room we were assigned this year is carpeted and the class is full of 5 year-olds and even play dough is too messy when you combine those type of elements, so I was delighted with this solution:

The paper strip globe is easy to make and not the least bit messy, also it has a bible verse on it. 

It can be found at this website: Craft Earth Day Globe

Since it is Winter time and my littlest student has developed a recent fascination with penguins, we have decided to make our first stop on the map Antarctica.

We decorated our passports and added our first stamp.

We read the book Explore Antarctica which led to some interesting discussions because my 8 year old because it talked of global warming in such a manner that my 8 year old was afraid of where we would live once the entire world was under water. As I type this I have a flash back to the movie "Water World" hehehe.  

This week we will have tons more activities about Antarctica in general and penguins specifically to explore and learn about. I can't wait! I hope that you all will join us!


  1. That globe idea is awesome!!! I may have to make some of those to decorate for our Geography Fair in April. Such a great idea. We enjoyed our brief trip through Antarctica.

  2. I love the globe!