Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's In the Box Wednesday - 3rd/ 4th Grade

I have got to get back on the ball! I have several half finished blogs in drafts and I have just not had much follow-through lately, it seems. I have been so far behind on my work for school that it is crazy. We have had snow days for half of our classes since college started and that leaves me confused and unsure about how much I need to do and how much is going to be made up in class. I put in several hours of work yesterday (another snow day) and hope to finish getting caught up today and re-establish some routine and schedule to my own life. I even have plans of making a daily schedule for myself like the one I have for the kids!

Today's blog is What's in the box Wednesday. I decided to start splitting up Bella and Alex's so that it is less cluttered. First, Bella's!

Box 1 - Math (Singapore Math)

Box 2 - Language Arts (Learning Language Arts Through Literature and Handwriting Without Tears)

Box 3 - Art (Penguins and Mittens, I also used it for math today)

Box 4 - Science (Animal Neighbors Fox, Fox lapbook)

Box 5 - Bible (Willing to Wait, JBQ)

Box 6 - More Science! (Exploring Creation with Zoology 2)

Box 7 - Sewing (We are making a purse)

If you are interested in more resources for this grade, 
check out my Amazon recommendations in the link on the left hand side! 

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