Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thematic Units

I am so excited! I am working on so many thematic units right now, and I can't wait to share with everyone. I am working on a thematic unit about gardens for grade 3, a unit on rainbows for K-1st grade, and I have finished up (on paper) my Little House in the Big Woods unit and Science units so now we just have to physically do the activities so we have pictures and post them on here! Exciting, isn't it?

I thought I would post some book lists so that you can go ahead and get the books you need for the units you are interested in (Especially for you library-goers, those waiting lists can be killer!)

Books for Little House in the Big Woods:

Sugaring Season: Making Maple Syrup (Photo Books) for Chapter 7

for Chapter 8

Chickens on a Farm by Abbie Mercer

Pigs on a Farm by Abbier Mercer

Farm Animals. Pigs. by Cicilia Minden

for Chapter 9

for Chapter 10

for Chapter 11

Books Needed for the Science


Books Needed for the Garden Unit Study:
(I may still add to this one)

for art, language arts, math, etc.

For science:

The Books for the Rainbow Unit Study:
(I haven't decided on my LA book for this unit yet, so I will definitely be adding more to this one as I progress)


For the last 3 books I am only using a few pages of each book. There is a lot more about rainbows out there then I had imagined!

for math, and I am considering whether or not the following book would be age (and topic) appropriate for social studies and haven't really decided yet. 

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  1. WOW you got a lot planned for each unit. Looks great and fun. We did gardens last year with the kids and they loved it. I even found a dissection site on flowers on the web. Stopping by from sat work boxes:)