Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bento Boxes

So, I have been reading about Bento boxes and I really want to start making them for Bella sometimes. I think it would be a lovely surprise to have cute little lunches shaped like characters when she opens up her box. I first saw some I liked on pinterest and saved the blogs to my favorites, then I got a couple of books from the library as well. I tried making her a cute lunch for Valentine's day before I got the books, but she forgot it so she ate it the next day. At least she is as forgetful as I am so we have patience with one another.

Here is her Valentine's lunch. The cups are heart shaped. There are crackers, bell peppers, and tomatoes to dip in a red container of hummus. A red box juice, and granola with strawberries. To keep the cups from moving around I used a babybell cheese because they are red, and this box has a red lid.

Also, speaking of Valentine's Day, remember that box I helped Bella create? She ended up winning the prize for most beautiful Valentine's box! So proud!

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