Thursday, February 9, 2012

Food, and How I am learning to Eat it!

When I first met my husband almost 8 years ago, I hated real food. I only wanted to eat McDonalds and maybe I would come to your house if you were making tacos or fettucini Alredo or something. Otherwise, I was out. No vegetables, no drinking water, and lots of candy and Mountain Dew. (Then I wonder how I got to almost 300 pounds, but whatever.)

I still have weight to loose, but it isn't just about weight, it is about health. I mean, I know weight is a health issue in itself. I am now on cholesterol medicine and have had to have the plantar's tendons severed in both of my feet because they were permanently injured when my feet couldn't handle the weight of my body any more and my arches collapsed.

But also, there is fatigue, behavior problems (my son has some that food helps regulate), migraines (I have those and changing our diet has helped so much), depression, and the list goes on and on and on. We all know the information, but it is really a matter of choosing to do something with it. Sure, McDonalds tastes great. It is nothing but sugar and sodium, I am suprised it can take on the form of real food. It seems it should be some white crystal that you snort and then feel placated for 5 minutes and like crap for a couple hours afterwards...At least they got the side effects right. Have you ever looked up just the protein on the meat? There is like no protein in it. How do you make meat with no protein? Creepy. 

Nowadays we try to eat mostly white meat like chicken and turkey. Or even fish or beans for our protein.  We opt for organic fruits and vegetables. What is for snack? Carrot sticks and hummus, peppers and ranch, string cheese, a yogurt, or maybe a banana or some granola. In the past it would have been cookies and cupcakes or ice cream. I make my daughter's lunch and try to make it different but healthy everyday. I am by no means an expert on health.
In fact, I would have no idea how to begin making any of these changes if it weren't for my friend Shasta who eats super healthy and was a big motivator to some of my changes. As it is, I still like the chocolate mint flavor Luna bars best after I work out, and  I still make bad choices more often than I would I like. All I am is a person who is trying to slowly make a move towards better choices for my family, and who is noticing the changes are good. I have less headaches, my son's behavior is improved, and our entire family has more energy and better moods overall. I think that it is worth the effort (and extra expense, because yes, eating healthy costs more) and I would encourage you to do the same. Really, once you get used to the taste, food is more appealing when it is real.

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  1. :D this blog makes me smile! I'm so glad to hear eating real foods is making a difference in your life. Oh and by the way, I'm learning things from you too!