Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pinterest - How to Make it Work for You

So we are all using Pinterest by now, I hope. If you aren't using it, that is a whole separate problem. You need to get over there and see how awesome it is! If you are using it, you have the new problem of how to actually USE the things you are pinning. Today I am going to discuss how to use style posts in particular.

 I have now separated my own personal style posts into 4 separate categories, and I may add more if I find that I need it. Currently I have makeup, hair, my style (which is just a dress, piece of jewelry, or pair of shoes) and complete outfits.

I have an actual binder that I keep for these items. I printed the mystyle pages first making sure to select minimal margins so it wouldn't cut off part of the pages. I then needed to print the hair, makeup, and outfits one picture at a time so that it was big enough to copy. How you do this is you go to "edit picture" then just hit "save" it will now put the picture big on your page alone and you can select print and it will only put that picture in the print without cutting it off. I printed all of my outfits, hair, and makeup, I went to the actual blogs and printed makeup or hair tips if they were on a blog and not complete on the pinterest site.

I then put all of this information in my binder and used dividers for the sections. I put notebook paper behind the outfits and made notes on what wardrobe pieces I would need to complete the outfits. I looked for common threads (for instance for me I have several outfits that I need red shoes and a red cardigan for) and added a piece of paper to the front of my binder that says "Top fashion wants"

I am hoping this will help me to be more purposeful in my shopping and buy things that will make the outfits I am admiring. Also, the use of accessories in the pictures are motivational. My outfits have been much more accessorized and colorful the last few days. Thank you, pinterest!

Here are my current top fashion wants to look for on sale or when I have some extra money, what are yours?:

Red flats
Black belt (wide, front clasp)
Red belt (wide)
red cardigan
mint cardigan
Kelly green tank (spaghetti strap, dressy)
canary yellow shirt
canary yellow and grey scarf
canary yellow purse


  1. I basically need someone to tell me what to wear and shop with me...a free personal shopper. I hate clothes shopping and have no concept of what to wear.

  2. Rick actually helps me a lot. But now I am getting pretty good at it. We love shopping.