Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's In the Box Wednesday

Today I am going to share what is in our work boxes with you. I will start with Isabella's boxes. She is 8 and her boxes are mostly 3rd-4th grade material.

1. Math - Singapore Math 3B

2. Language Arts - Learning Language Arts Through Literature (Yellow Book), Little House in the Big Woods, Handwriting Without Tears

3. Geography - Wee Sing Around the World, Daily Geography Practice, Jason's Miracle, A Hannukah Story

4. Science - Exploring Creation With Zoology 2, Make it Work! Oceans, Life in the Oceans
                   We also did a couple of experiments today, that wouldn't fit in the box. They will be posted on
                   my science blog tomorrow!

5. Electives - Today's choices are Bible (Willing to Wait) and Art (we will make a cereal box mosaic, which you will see the instructions for on my art blog this week...)

Up next is Alex's boxes! Alex is 3 1/2 and does preschool work. 

1. Math - Number recognition, patterns, and measuring.
    The measuring activity came from Walking By the Way
    The number recognition and patterns worksheets came from Confession of A Homeschooler

2. Language Arts - Alex is working on the letter "J" today, and also he is beginning to use Hooked on Phonics. We are reading the book Jack Frost to continue a study we are doing on snow.

3. Alex does geography with Bella, and there is also a shapes worksheet in this box today.

4. Science - God's World 
                   Alex is also very interested in the experiments I do with Bella, even if he isn't quite old enough to understand them all yet.

So, there are our boxes for this week! What are in your boxes? Feel free to add a link to your page to the side bar on the right or to the comments and share! 



  1. what are you using for boxes? I've considered buying the shelf towers, but wonder if they're actually big enough...

  2. We have the drawers that are the widest and deepest you can get. There are only 3 drawers in each set, and I divide the drawer in half. Everything on the left side is Bella's and everything on the right side is Alex's.

    It isn't the most perfect system, but I actually already had had those drawers for crafts/toys and I just rearranged things so that I could use them for the work box system until I find some I like better to buy. I was just too excited about work boxes to wait!
    I think the multicolored drawers I have linked before are cute but I haven't seen them in person. They might be big enough for Bella, but I don't think they would be big enough for Alex because I put games/legos/play dough/etc. in his work box a lot of times....when I decide what I am doing for sure and for permanent, I will let you know! :D