Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swim Lessons

Alex recently finished some swim lessons at the local community center. I was so pleased with how his lessons went this year. He is finally over his fear of the water and told me to give his goggles to some little boy who needs them. We have done swim lessons every year and he always cries because he is afraid. As recently as last fall he was afraid of even taking a bath and I had to let him wear goggles in the tub, only put in a couple of inches of water, and keep his hair short enough to use a washcloth. This year, however, things have improved. He has gotten so much more comfortable with the water that you wouldn't even know he was the same little boy who refused to do much more than stick a toe in last summer! In fact, we spent today at a local water park and Alex was rushing ahead of me in the lazy river yelling "Don't worry about me, I can swim!" 

Learning how to float on his back.

Practicing his stroke. I love how he has his little tongue stuck out in this photo.

Happy as a clam to be in the water! :) 

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