Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Trip to the Museum

Here is another set of photos from an outing with my children. Once again, Isabella had a friend staying the night. One friend of hers in particular lives far enough away that I pick her up and usually keep her for 24 hours straight. The first night, they are so excited to see one another. The next morning they are doing crafts and setting up all kinds of clubs or stands to make money. By lunch, they start to bicker over whether to use their earnings for voice lessons or acting coaching. They can't agree on a game, I still have 4 or 5 more hours until the little girl is due home. Even my son is screaming because they have been leaving him out and he doesn't like ANY of the games or activities they have been picking. This is when I usually decide to leave for some local free children's activity where everyone can have a change of atmosphere and find something they enjoy. It works like a charm. This time we went to a local children's museum that is free.


The kids played house. Bella never scrubs the floor like that at home. 

Alex pretended to churn butter. 

Bella set the table. 

Her friend was the mother and scolded the children on their table manners.

They ate. 

They raised fake chickens!

Alex loved the fake chickens and their little coop the best.

Bella pretended to milk a cow

Alex bought stuff from the store

He worked in a factory

He farmed. (He had a lot of jobs that day!)

Once they discovered costumes they were all ready to be farmers!

Bella's farmer duds!

There was a whole bunch more stuff like acting stages, train tables, book rooms, a wii, etc. But the next section of the museum was full of kids having a birthday party so I didn't get any pictures. Instead I sat on a bench, relaxed, and enjoyed the peace of children not fighting! 

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