Monday, June 25, 2012

A Trip to a Local Farm

Our family recently went on a trip to a local farm. It was so much fun! I had never been before, but my sister in law invited us, and I am glad we went. Admission is free during the week, and we brought sack lunches to eat in the picnic area to also save on money. Although the farm charges for pony rides, goat food, bottles, and fishing, it isn't much and the park is big enough that this is a great (and cheap) way to spend the day! Bella had also had a friend spend the night so it was a nice way to get all of the kids out of the house so that they wouldn't get tired of one another and start fighting after having spent so much time together the next morning. I love to take friends on little field trips to prevent them from getting stir crazy and the resulting bickering. 

First the experts had to consult the map so we knew where we were headed.


I love this shot of Bella!

These pigs actually look cute 

Bella doesn't look that thrilled to touch them though.

Tiniest horse ever!

You can't tell from her expression, but she WANTED to pose like that.

Biggest horse ever.

Bella feeding the goats. You have no idea how many times I yelled "no more goat food, and I mean it!"

This would have been an awesome shot if Alex would have looked at me.

Or this one. 

Best friend cousins (And aren't those cowboy boots to die for?)

Digging at the park

Sharing a digger with his cousin.

Playing music

Riding a pony

Bella looks very serious about her pony ride. 

Feeding the goats from bottles. Alex kept yelling because both of these goats wanted his bottle and he didn't know what to do! 

Bella loved it so much! 

Alex was afraid the goat would eat his pants.

They really just wanted his bottle.

Bella trying to feed 2 goats at once.

"No! Now it really IS trying to eat my pants!"

A great day! I would love to do it again sometime. But it is a little hot out for my tastes right now. I think I will go try some of my INDOOR summer fun ideas. :) 

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